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Royal Academy of


Royal Academy of Healers

About Royal Academy of Healers…
Our vision is to educate people who believe in Jesus name as healing ministers and proclaim the Word of God to all nations, societies, cultures, religions through the tangible healing of the Holy Spirit. We teach Biblical Healing in Jesus’ name according to the Word of God. Special training in healing the sick is so vital in God’s Kingdom purposes and plans. And healing the sick is the best tool for mass evangelism. What can you expect from our intensive and practical healing classes? You experience miracles happens as you lay your hands on the sick! Your faith, confidence and ability increases! You’ll minister with new authority! It’s even good for the experienced to refresh your knowledge, and perhaps even learn something new. We especially want the sick to come to classes, without obligation and free of charge, just to be healed and so that students gain practical experience. You’re also welcome to just sit in a class and witness a miracle. The anointing of healing is flowing from our healing schools. Come and receive it!

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