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Royal Academies

Royal Academy of Leaders

About Royal Academy of Leaders…

Be challenged, stretched and changed as you move out in your spiritual gifts!! Our vision is to empower and establish the five-fold ministers to equip the saints, reach the lost, and bring apostolic reformation for transformation.

This is accomplished by making disciples of all the nations who walk in the authority of the Lord, releasing the Kingdom of God, which is based upon the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets. This is the time, more than ever, for the saints of God to get free of hindrances, bad habits and limitations that keep us from our destiny. Knowing Christ Jesus only as our Savior, Healer, Baptizer, Provider, etc. Is no longer sufficient! We must now know Him also as King of kings, Lord of our lives and the Commander of the Lord’s army.

We need to be healed, matured, set free and equipped so that we can take the gospel of the Kingdom to a world that needs a demonstration of the Glory of Christ. The gifts of the Spirit are not toys for the saints to play with in church.

They are mighty weapons of war! God has provided them so we can take territories and nations and disciple people into the full knowledge of Jesus Christ. Church, we have got to quit playing around and get serious. Let’s not bury our talents in the ground became of fear.

Jesus commands us to stand firm until He comes!

Royal Academy of Warriors

About Royal Academy of Warriors…
Prayer is the strategy of heaven. As we use this weapon of prayer, God then gives us His strategy for life on earth. (It is in prayer that God gives us a heavenly strategy to do the work on earth that will touch the world.) Everything that will make a difference has to have the touch of the supernatural. Your prayer must have power and authority to break through everything. You can receive strong anointing during short, intensive course at the same place. Never fail to realize that your prayer training can make a huge difference in your life and ministry.

Royal Academy of Healers

About Royal Academy of Healers…
Our vision is to educate people who believe in Jesus name as healing ministers and proclaim the Word of God to all nations, societies, cultures, religions through the tangible healing of the Holy Spirit. We teach Biblical Healing in Jesus’ name according to the Word of God. Special training in healing the sick is so vital in God’s Kingdom purposes and plans. And healing the sick is the best tool for mass evangelism. What can you expect from our intensive and practical healing classes? You experience miracles happens as you lay your hands on the sick! Your faith, confidence and ability increases! You’ll minister with new authority! It’s even good for the experienced to refresh your knowledge, and perhaps even learn something new. We especially want the sick to come to classes, without obligation and free of charge, just to be healed and so that students gain practical experience. You’re also welcome to just sit in a class and witness a miracle. The anointing of healing is flowing from our healing schools. Come and receive it!

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